Daily Thank Yalls (& an apology)

-Thank you, Nolan for the ride; my feet really were hurting.

-Thank you, Sandwich and Candy for driving me all the way up to the Mesa [http://www.taosmesabrewing.com/] so that we could attend Somos’s Story Tellin’ Fair [http://somostaos.org/storytelling]. I’m glad that I was able to fulfill my promise to y’all this morning at Tazza. May you find a midwife soon and may your child be blessed. By the way, if anyone reading this knows of any midwives in the area, please comment: two really fine people are in need of one. And thank you for showing me two tame Coyote.

-To my new friend Selso, I’ll try to catch you at your place before Fright Night at the TCA.

-To Dennis @ The Historic Taos Inn [http://www.taosinn.com/] for the advice

-To the McCarthy Family

-& Jim, please forgive me for whatever I’ve done to get 86st outta the Alley [http://www.alleycantina.com/]. If it was my poor karaoke performance, I’ll never sing anything from the Darkness again; if it was my story telling when that intimidating group of Irishmen made me tell that story; please know that I am in currently in the process of learning how to tell stories better; if it’s the fact that I’m Baptist and try not to drink in public, well there’s nothing I can do about that but order a meal every now and then–I’m not a rich man, but I’ll do what I can.

My Fellow Taosenos…

Thank you, town of Taos, for your many blessings, kindnesses, free foods, and warm showers. I would love to meet as many of you as possible. If you are from Taos and have any interest in this blog or in topics about which we have conversed in person, I’d love to be counted among your facebook friends, especially if you have recently expressed interest in helping out as an editor.

My name is Benny Barrett Jr., but a hacker recently changed my name to Moses T. Black, which I cannot change on facebook for another 50-something days and of which am trying to make the best. Look me up and be my friend; I’d love to know you. My fb username is bennybarrettjr. I’d enjoy buying you a coffee in exchange for some local legends or showing you around Taos’ fascinating history, of which I am now currently a avid student.

I’m also looking for some honest work. While I prefer the life of the hermit, I do love people and would love a job in the hospitality industry that would allow me to meet tourists and write. I was in fine dining for a couple of years in Dallas and have always wanted to live where I work. If you, or anyone you know needs a live in night manager at a hotel or ski resort, I’d love to work for you–so long as you’re within the Enchanted Circle. This has become a very special place to me. I can do basic maintenance, customer service, hard labor, bookkeeping, legal work, some gourmet cooking and can prepare pretty much any kind of peasant food.

Currently, I am searching for a room for rent and shall gladly exchange a room for my services. In addition to hospitality, I have been offering my services as a volunteer tour guide around Taos–especially to residents at the Taos Inn, who has been graciously inviting me to read and ponder on the Bob Ellis in their coffee lounge–and have been having the time of my life. Since my passport, Texas Class A CDL (with hazmat and oilfield experience), and Social Security card were all taken from me, I’ve been having a tough time finding work, so I’ve been spending all my time working on a start-up concept involving the manufacturing of either electric or gas-powered bicycles and a couple of other things which I shall likely publicize here soon.

I also need an address to use permanent address for my new ID and the papers I shall soon be filing for the start-up.

I would also be eternally grateful if any web designer looking for a hobby could try to make the blog look nicer than it is. Especially since I shall soon be representing the art of artists here in Taos–I don’t want the website to look tacky; I tried by best, which I think is pretty okay for a Luddite. By the way, I’m sort of a Luddite, which is why I don’t use a phone. Maybe someday, maybe someday…

If anyone knows someone who words for the Taos paper, I would love to send them some local news which they may or may not find newsworthy.

Finally, I would love to be a volunteer Latin tutor to the students of Taos High. Local students have expressed interest in my services and I would love to help. Please help me figure out the proper way to apply for this position. I love teaching and have a very good tract record with students; and although I failed miserably once as a high school teacher, I’ll bet I can muster up some good recommendations.

Well, it appears as if WIRED? Coffee-Cyber-Cafe-Gallary [www.wiredcoffeeshop.com] will be closing soon. Better take off soon lest I become a pest. Most important rules to living in Taos: NEVER burn the tourists! & Try your best not to annoy the locals too much (if you do, back off for a while and remember that they’re good, forgiving people).

Thank you for letting this displaced Texan live among you, tell his crazy stories, and perform his karaoke songs. You are to me as Aspen was to my favorite writer, as Medina was to my third favorite prophet. You are a Beautiful place. Thank you, Taos for calling me Taoseno today–for that is a high honor.



Daily Thank Yalls…

Thank you, Wired Coffee Shop [http://wiredcoffeeshop.com/] for providing me with an opportunity to thank some people whom have helped me magnificently today:

-Thank you Don, for the ride over here and the familiarity you brought to my spirit.

-Thank you, Ray @ Family Dollar: I still have your orange pen; I’m bringing two your way…

-Thank you, Nathan and Joseph for the $2.00; pray for the success of my work with the rosary, please. I used the money to purchase an excellent Buffalo Ranch Hot’n Spicy McChicken, packed with 380 Calories.

-Thank you, Fr. Clement, for hearing my Confession when there was no Orthodox Church nearby.

-Thank you, Taos Art Museum for the $20.00 All-Inclusive Pass :)

-Thank you, Lenny for writing that beautiful message to the passersby on Kit Carson.

-Thank you, Brian and Erneste @ McDonald’s – Taos [http://www.yelp.com/biz/mcdonalds-taos], for smiling so much.

Daily Thank Yalls…

-Ahna @ Las Vegas, NM: thank you for your personal contribution of $120.00 to help us get our vehicle out of the pound after it had been towed. Money like this is a beautiful blessing; your contribution will be recorded and returned with profit.

-Professor Douglas Minson @ The Imaginative Conservative [http://www.theimaginativeconservative.org/author/douglas-c-minson]: possibly the smartest Conservative mind of this century. Fix any doubt by following the link.

-Butch @ Taos: A Pueblo Indian

-Dean @ Woody’s Furniture of Taos [http://www.yelp.com/biz/woodys-furniture-taos]: Extra sports memorabilia (especially football)? Donate to Dean and Anna.

-The UNM Herbarium @ the Museum of Southwestern Biology [http://www.msb.unm.edu/herbarium/index.html] & most especially, Phil Tonne @ the UNM Biology Department in ABQ and his fascinating research [http://biology.unm.edu/BiologyNews/PTonne.htm]

-David Naugle @ Dallas Baptist University [http://www3.dbu.edu/naugle/index.asp]. It has been said that he is perhaps the greatest professor in the United States, as opposed to some mere teacher.

-Sky et. al. @ Coffee Tazza: Best coffee (and office space) in Taos, by Pueblo Opinion [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caffe-Tazza/118131901604223] A hippy culture sine the hippies. Some of the kindest and most caring staff in Taos. Good people, all of ‘em. Even the artists…

-Best Artists in Taos: Lenny Foster [http://www.lennyfoster.com/], Bob Ellis (RIP), Mary Barnes, & Ed Sandoval [http://www.decoloresgallery.com/]

-Dr. Steven Garber @ The Washington Institute [http://www.washingtoninst.org/author/stevengarber/]

-Don Russo

-C. McCarthy

-James Parker III @ Southern Baptist Seminary. The Great Tyrant of Tehuacana [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tehuacana,_Texas] and a very good man.

-Sacred Heart L.A., Custom Jeweler, Taos [www.sacredheartla.com]

-Lora @ Whitten Inn, Taos: [615 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos 87571]

-The Santa Fe Institute [https://www.facebook.com/pages/Santa-Fe-Institute/125124501057]

-A. Baca

-Juniper @ the Harwood Museum [http://www.harwoodmuseum.org/]

-Security Finance, your friends when you need $$$ [330I Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos 87571 / (575) 758-7666 / http://www.security-finance.com/]

-First Baptist Church, Taos: https://www.facebook.com/pages/First-Baptist-Church/120489977963423

-Tom & Barbara McCarthy

-Indian Hills Inn, Taos [http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g47224-d93008-Reviews-s1-Indian_Hills_Inn-Taos_Taos_County_New_Mexico.html]: it ain’t a resort, but it has some of the finest “Tour Guide Like Service” in Taos.

-Super 8, Taos

-McDonald’s, Taos

-Wendy’s, Taos

-D: Before every single writing man stands a staggeringly Beautiful Beatrice: thank you, D, for fulfilling this function for one of our number. Longsuffering, kindness, and a wonderfully serene soul are among your most staggering Virtues. You, madam, are 100% à la mode around these parts. See you soon, maybe…


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