–Free Library Access–

This online copy of Grandpa Moses’ Wastebooks, Episode VI has been donated in its current form to the Taos Public Library in Memory of Bob Ellis, a very fine artist.

If you enter this blog through any other means than this “Free Library Access” link, you will have taken from this author’s intellectual property without permission. This is okay. The author is trying to repair any damage caused to his karma by his old Napster account.

–Episode VI Special Thanks–

To the Taosenos & to those of the D’Dah who refuse the name Taosenos:

-for welcoming me into y’all’s extraordinarily beautiful Community–this Heaven on Earth commonly called The Enchanted Circle–my new Home in the Great Land of Entrapment West of Texas, Taos, NM;

-for encouraging me to pursue my Dream and providing me both the spiritual, mental, and physical stability I needed to do my dreaming and a community in which to design and refine those dreams;

-and for helping me create a creative outlet that will erupt this Volcano in my heart, head, and viscera–the result of 23 years of obediently trying one’s best at times learning and at times both teaching and learning simultaneously in all sorts of schools, surviving sittin’, concentratin’, readin’, writin’, and livin’ in libraries across the world.

PAXCHRISTI (i.e. Much Peace and Christian Brotherly Love Be Unto Y’all)

–About the Author–

The author is a member of the Taos First Baptist Church Choir, a loyal citizen of the United States of America, a tree-hugger, a proponent of abstinence, a Baylor Classics Junkie, a lover of the Harry Potter saga, in communion with the Russian Orthodox Church, a believer in the inerrancy of the Word of God, a Republican with libertarian leanings who believes that marijuana should remain illegal in Texas, and an admirer of Ken Kesey.

He lives in spirit with his teacup Chihuahua, Malcolm Schopenhauer X, in Taos, NM. He can often be seen roaming through the streets of Taos mumbling to tourists in an East-Texas accent about grandchidns [sic] who don’t exist yet.

–Special Thanks–

-to the God of Abraham, Jacob, and Jesus Christ, my personal Lord and Savior.

-to my Family: The Barretts, The Palms, Dallasites, Taosenos, Baptists, Eastern Orthodox, Wacoans, Austinites, the Apache, Ticos, Brazillians, the Irish, the Sweedish, Australians, Quebeqcois, certain Black Folk, BFFs, and who knows who else.

-to my Country: Texas; Taos, NM; the U.S.A.; Mescalero; Ireland; Spain; Africa; Germany; Sweeden; Palestine; Zion; and to those friends not included in the ‘Family’ category.

-to Mom, for taking a while to find yourself also.

-to my former students at Reicher Catholic High School

-to William H. Black, for stealing my pickup truck, ruining my life as a oilman, and making me one of the happiest people alive.

-to Uncle Bobby, for teaching me that I am too fragile for the life of an Independent Contractor.

-to Mr. McCarthy, for the encouragement.

-to Bob Ellis, for helping me sort out my issue with Stephen King’s teachings on adverbs.

-to Wade, for literally kicking my butt and helping me to temper my drinking excesses.

-to Dr. Naugle @ DBU, for teaching me to love logic, for teaching me the history of the concept ‘weltanschauung,’ and for being the only person to ever include me in the ‘Special Thanks’ section of a book.

-to Zach S., Ryan H., Josh L., and Jeff L., for your longsuffering friendships.

-to Jan, for the brief trip to NY.

-to Shen, for making me write.

-to Basil Brooks, my BFF in Taos.

-and to D., one of my dearest friends…